Dogging Meets uk


Dogging Etiquette written by James Rowe


For the Players


1 – Be punctual. Show up where you say you’ll be, when you say you’ll be there. Don’t count on folks hanging around waiting for you, especially someplace out of the way.

2 – Give accurate directions to the site when arranging meetings

3 – Bring what you need for safe sex and clean up (condoms, lube, wet wipes).

4 – Give clear signals. Flash your lights or leave the inside light on to invite voyeurs. Roll the windows down if you want them to get closer or join in.

5 – Show your enthusiasm. The more you get into it, the more your audience will enjoy the show, the more you’ll enjoy performing. Everyone gets off.

6 – Know your limits. If a spectator is getting too pushy, tell them to back off. If you or your partner get uncomfortable and need to end the session, don’t hesitate to pack it in.

7 – End on a high note. Finish up with a bang and when the show is over, let the audience know. Thank them for coming and leave.


Dogging Etiquette


For the Watcher


8 – Don’t sneak up on unsuspecting folks. Not every parked couple is looking for attention, so approach with caution.

9 – Let them warm up. Don’t rush over to a couple as soon as they arrive; it makes it hard for them to get started. Wait till the action begins a bit.

10 – Watch for signals. A flash of the interior light means they want to be watched. A rolled down window is an invitation to get closer and maybe touch. But make sure the couple is actually dogging; they may have just dropped the keys on the floorboard or need fresh air.

11 – Keep your distance till invited. Don’t join in unless the couple asks you to.

12 – Be appreciative but respectful. No hooting, catcalling, or yelling, “Show us your tits!”

13 – Don’t heckle. If you’re not enjoying the scene, then leave. Don’t yell at the couples or throw stones.

14 – Leave if you’re asked to. If the couple wants their privacy, don’t make an issue of it. Find another spot.

15 – Don’t butt in on another dogger in action. One dogger’s luck isn’t an open invite to all. Also, it may be a private tryst.

16 – Mind your headlamps. Use your lights as needed to drive safely, but don’t keep the main beams on once you reach a scene.

17 – Don’t drive around and around car parks aimlessly looking for action. Know where you’re going, and when you get there, have some patience. The action doesn’t always start on cue.

18 – Be a good neighbour. Don’t block another dogger’s view or box in their car.

19 – Pick up your rubbish. Don’t leave behind condoms, tissues, wrappers or other rubbish.

20 – Move along. Once the show is over, don’t loiter.


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